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Generator Usage Tips

How Can a Generator be Used?

Generators are more than just machines, they run machines. They are used to power up electrical appliances and lighting to prevent disruption of business operations.


While generators provide electricity during power outages, it runs depending on the fuel you feed. If you want it run longer, feed more. Nevertheless, it can be a good back up during camping or at a worksite where power isn’t available.


In this article, you will learn how to use a generator at your own pace and discover how it works in detail.

Running a Generator

How to Use

  1. Add fuel.
  2. Flip the circuit breaker into OFF.
  3. Turn the fuel valve ON.
  4. Start the generator.


A generator works like an electrical device that converts mechanical energy source into electrical energy. Everything in electrical is associated with risk and danger but it can be avoided by knowing how can a generator be used.

Read the Manufacturer’s Manual

User’s manual is a guide to safe and proper use of a product. This is very much helpful especially if you haven’t used a generator before. Take time to read and follow all the instructions provided. Follow all the cleaning guidelines and maintenance as well. Before attempting to use the tool make sure you have even a little information about it.

Find the Sweet Spot

Some places in your home or office might be dangerous for your generator to store. Find the sweetest spot in your area where the flammable gas produced by the generator won’t create a life-threatening risk to both humans and pet.

Conduct Regular Inspection

Keep your power equipment in good condition at all times by inspecting the tool and the fuel regularly, probably before and after use. This is to make sure all parts are working and that potential hazards wouldn’t be an issue.

Safety Tips

A generator is one of the most important pieces to purchase. However, anything that involves electricity needs extra care for safety purposes.

Get It Out the House

Whether it is a portable generator or not, it is not good to be used indoors, even if the door is wide open. This is to prevent the tool from blowing up as it is tending to push carbon monoxide around the house. Carbon monoxide is a flammable gas and is associated with various human health and environmental dangers. You better place the generator in the basement or outside the house and use extension cords.

Keep Gas Container Away

Placing the gas container next to the generator has an obvious result. It is best to store the fuel inside a shed to avoid unwanted risk you and your family might be facing. The equipment will become hot during frequent use. This might adopt the gas causing a strong explosion. Don’t forget to shut down the generator first before refueling. Failure to do this can cause a fire.

Avoid Using Damaged/Undersized Cord

Damaged cord, from the name itself, is dangerous. This works the same on undersized ones. If you got cords that mess up, replace it immediately. There is a variety of different generator power cords which are measured by amps. It is important to purchase one that matches with the watts measurement of your power tool. Too high or too short can give consequences.