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How Can a Generator be Used? Generators are more than just machines, they run machines. They are used to power up electrical appliances and lighting to prevent disruption of business operations.   While generators provide electricity during power outages, it runs depending on the fuel you feed. If you want it run longer, feed more. […]

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When the power supply goes out, generators make it up. Whether it is for household or business needs, having an alternative electrical supply is a blessing.

There are different kinds of generators available nowadays. Some are great indoors while others can be used outdoors. There are types fueled with diesel, gas and even hydrogen. When it comes to choosing a model to fit your needs, you can find portable generators at Best Generator. They also list a selection of RV and standby generators suitable for different applications. And, each of them may come with clashing prices, features, uses, heaviness and quality.

People who can’t live life without lights need top generators to help daily activities going. But, before spending hours of time researching what suits you best, here are some of the top generator companies and a bit about them.


Generac is a global manufacturer of a wide range of commercial, residential and industrial power products including portable and standby generators. They are selling gasoline-powered generators for different needs and prices. The company also offers innovative battery storage technologies that store solar and grid power.


Honda is one of the most popular brands in the world and is known for providing different motorcycle and car designs. There is many power equipment that the company offers as well producing approximately 46, 000 compact gasoline generators. Most models are used for a diverse range of applications such as camping, construction work, power failure, and other emergencies.


One other top name for generators is WEN. This power tools company has been around for about 68 years offering portable gas gensets in all sizes. WEN produces different portable types with great quality, affordability, and design. Most of the units are quiet and does not produce disturbing sound. But you need to be picky as there are different wattage variations.


DuroMax generator is manufactured by DuroPower, a California based factory outlet that offers a range of gas generators. They make their own engines and import and distribute portable power tools from China throughout the world. Since it offers affordable and reliable units, it is one of the top-rated brands by homeowners producing over 20 different generator models.


If you need innovative, high-quality products, Westinghouse is someone you can rely on. They offer groundbreaking technology with rock-solid dependability. Most of their generator products have long run times and some have amazing quietness features. They have portable and standby types in compact and lightweight designs so you can take it with you or leave it at home.

Briggs & Stratton

The high-power brand is known as Briggs and Stratton. They are popular for providing conceivable power product line offering excellent generators that can run both appliances and power tools together. This portable type comes with wheels so you can bring it anywhere. The company is considered as the globe’s largest gasoline engines manufacturer established for over 100 years now.

You’ve finished reading some of the generator high rankers. Other brands include Champion, Pulsar and many others. To help with your purchase, know what you are looking for in a generator first – type, size, heaviness, compactness, running features and of course, your budget.

Learning how to properly use a portable generator is crucial to ensuring you have safe, effective and long lasting power.

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